A dentist told me I would need extensive dental work to save my teeth and make them healthy again. Unfortunately, that came with a very big price tag. I decided to apply for Care Credit, a line of credit that is designed to pay for medical bills. Care Credit will finance dentistry, vision care, veterinary, audiology, cosmetic surgery, chiropractors, hair restoration and weight loss.
May sound crazy to some people, to actually get a loan for dental care. I feel that it was my only decision. By the time I went to the dentist it was painful to eat. I need three root canals, three crowns, several fillings and a series of teeth cleanings. I was not a candidate for tooth extraction because I have taken biophosphanates. If they pulled my teeth the bone would never heal and I could develop serious complications.

Care Credit was the best choice for me because the expense was absolutely necessary. I think by the time the dentist completes his work it is going to be between 4-5 thousand dollars. Getting rid of that constant pain I have been living with for the past few months will be priceless. Another thing I like about Care Credit is that they offer no interest and low interest payment plans. I opted for the no interest plan but am required to pay it off within a year. If I am unable to pay it off within a year then I will have to start paying 11-12% interest.

I have always had insurance and never imagined I would be putting my medical bills on credit. I actually have dental insurance with my company, and have paid $10 for it every two weeks. I incorrectly assumed the coverage was adequate until I started having dental problems. I found out that my insurance company has a $75 deductible and a $1000 maximum. By the time I went to see the dentist it was too late. Most dental plans have a pre-existing condition stipulation.

Care Credit was easy to apply for. I went to there website at carecredit.com and was approved in 5 minutes. I just had to enter in my doctors information and answer some basic questions. They are a GE Money company and have been offering this service for twenty years. A Care Credit loan is a better choice than using high interest credit cards. In addition, they have helped people to get necessary medical care that they may otherwise not be able to receive.